Current Geocentric and Heliocentric
Planetary Positions


  September 16, 2014
Astronomical Julian date: 2,456,917.00
longitude in degrees
Distance from
Sun in AU


  September 16, 2014
Astronomical Julian date: 2,456,917.00
Geocentric apparent
longitude in degrees
Position in
tropical zodiac
Distance from
Earth in AU
Sun173.5524° in Virgo1.005370
Mercury199.2919° in Libra1.057503
Venus163.3613° in Virgo1.685207
Mars241.732° in Sagittarius1.458664
Jupiter133.2713° in Leo6.012157
Saturn229.2019° in Scorpio10.466651
Uranus15.3515° in Aries19.078181
Neptune335.706° in Pisces29.013294

Geocentric planetary aspects
Moon not included
Start of current month

1 conjunction
1 opposition
3 squares
2 trines
1 semisextile
2 quincunxes
A total of 10 aspects.

Midpoint: Su-Ve-Ju
Midpoint: Su-Ur-Ma
Midpoint: Ju-Me-Sa

3 retrograde: Ur Ne Pl 
  End of current month

1 conjunction
1 opposition
4 squares
4 trines
1 sextile
2 semisextiles
1 quincunx
A total of 14 aspects.

Grand trine: Ma-Ju-Ur (av 30')

T-square: Su-Pl-Ur (av 52')

Midpoint: Su-Pl-Ur
Midpoint: Ve-Sa-Pl

2 retrograde: Ur Ne 

Below are shown two remarkable planetary alignments. The one at left occurred on August 21, 2013 — at the time of the false flag sarin attack in Damascus — and includes a grand cross and a grand trine. The one at right will occur on July 8, 2018, and has a grand cross and two grand trines, plus a kite and a trapezium. A grand cross plus a grand trine also occurs on April 23, 2014.

Grand trine: Ju-Sa-Ne

T-square: Ve-Ju-Ur
T-square: Ve-Pl-Ur
T-square: Ju-Ve-Pl
T-square: Ju-Ur-Pl

Grand cross: Ve-Ju-Ur-Pl

3 retrograde: Ur Ne Pl

Grand trine: Su-Ju-Ne
Grand trine: Ve-Sa-Ur

Kite: Ju-Ne-Su-Mo

T-square: Me-Ju-Ma
T-square: Me-Mo-Ma
T-square: Ju-Me-Mo
T-square: Ju-Ma-Mo

Grand cross: Me-Ju-Ma-Mo

Trapezium: Su-Pl-Ne-Mo

5 retrograde: Ma Ju Sa Ne Pl 

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