Purchase a Single-User License for
Planets Stars Exact Aspects

The price for a single-user license for this program is:
  • US$29.95, €25.45 or £22.95 for a perpetual license
  • US$9.95, €8.45 or £7.75 for a 3-month license
A 3-month user license enables you to use the software from the date of purchase for three months. A perpetual license is not time-limited. Upon expiry of a 3-month license another 3-month license for the same program can be purchased, or a perpetual user license.
There are two ways to purchase a user license, via our Comecero shopping cart
or via payment in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash or Ethereum (with 50% discount).

  • the type of license
  • the currency in which you wish to pay
Type of license:   Perpetual   3‑months
Currency:   US Dollar   Euro   Pounds Sterling

You can pay via credit/debit card or via amazon pay if you order via Comecero.
Comecero's shopping cart uses the latest technology and is versatile and user-friendly. It also provides discounts for multiple purchase.

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash or Ethereum

BTC may be used only for purchase of a perpetual user license, not for a 3‑month license.

If you have a cryptocurrency wallet then you can purchase a user license by clicking on this link at Blockchain.com to open a page which allows you to send the equivalent of US$14.97 (at the current Bitcoin price), a 50% discount from the normal price of US$29.95.

You can also purchase using any of these cryptocurrencies by sending the equivalent of US$14.97 in BTC, BCH or ETH (at the current cryptocurrency price) to this address:


Then send a message to  support@planetary-aspects.com stating the name and the email address of the person to whom to send the user license (normally yourself, but you could send to a friend).

Upon our receipt of the payment in crypto we will register your purchase in our online database, and a message will be sent to you telling you how to download and activate the software.

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