Heliocentric Planetary Aspects and Transits Testimonials

I just bought your heliocentric software, and I might say that after testing all kind of astrology software, this one is far more accurate than any other. Your software is really the most practical and clearest. I thank you a lot for your great job. This is the first time that I find a tool that matches so well my intuitions and convictions.
— Luc Vergely, January 27, 2019

Similar to Planetary Aspects and Transits this program illuminates the heliocentric viewpoint for anyone interested in heliocentric astrology. A very nice tool is the aspect pattern search, which enables precise search for specific aspect patterns involving 1 to 3 planets, and besides the standard aspects also semisextiles and quincunxes! Researchers in astrology and astronomy alike will be well pleased.
— Wolfram Oehler, February 27, 2016

Heliocentric Planetary Aspects and Transits Software
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