Your Planetary Transits Testimonials

Another handy tool for quick reference checks to show all planetary transits with natal planets in a timespan of interest. Also all transits of natal planets can be easily accessed and printed as well as all transits by transiting planets — this may sound complicated but it is actually very easy and helpful if you're looking for transit times. A good addition to any astrologers toolbox.
— Wolfram Oehler, February 28, 2016

Fantastic tool for cataloging and understanding your astrological transits in a very neat, efficient, and simple way. Elegant and very dynamic software with excellent support. Thank you!
— Joan Wood, January 14, 2014

Thanks a million — was unaware of 'Your Planetary Transits' program. I trade stocks and commodities. You have something that's priceless. Will spread the word around.
— Cliff Mendes, June 22, 2012

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