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Planetary transits occur when two moving planets possess a particular angular relationship (called an aspect) with each other (e.g. conjunction, opposition, trine, square, etc.) with respect to a central point, which is either the Earth in geocentric astrology or the Sun in heliocentric astrology. A transit (more exactly) is the period during which two planets remain continuously in a particular aspect with each other. These programs either display planetary aspects and transits or calculate the exact dates at which transits occur between selected planets. They are of interest mainly to astrologers, especially financial astrologers (and also to followers of the work of Richard Tarnas), but they are also interesting from a purely astronomical perspective. Click on any of the screenshots at right for more information about a particular program. Or to just get short descriptions of these programs visit our Software Shop.

In case you were wondering why this software makes no mention of astrological houses (as most astrology software does), the reason is that a house is a concept based on the rising sign, which depends on the position on the Earth (latitude and longitude) of a hypothetical observer (at a given time). Aspects between planets and planetary transits depend only on the observed (or calculated) motion of the planets along the ecliptic, relative to the center of the Earth (or the Sun). Houses thus have no place in an astrology based on planetary aspects and transits.

Details of the ranges of admissible dates for these programs are given at Date Ranges.

These programs run under any version of Windows from XP to 10. The freely-downloadable trial versions can be made fully-functional by means of an activation key. The key can be sent immediately upon purchase (or can be obtained immediately after purchase), so there's no waiting required. Updates to new versions are free.

In addition to our software there are several articles concerning astrological aspects and transits and other astrological topics.

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