.: Date Ranges :.

The table below shows the ranges of dates which may be entered or displayed for Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, the Moon and the Sun (in the geocentric programs), the Earth (in the heliocentric programs) and the other planets. All dates are in the (proleptic) Gregorian Calendar (a.k.a. the Common Era Calendar).

 Planetary Aspects
and Transits
Heliocentric Planetary
Aspects and Transits
Your Planetary TransitsTransits for Astro-Trading
Centricitygeoheliogeogeo and helio
Uranus and Neptune1600-01-01 to 2799-12-31
Pluto1600-01-01 to 31-12-20991600-01-01 to 31-12-2199 1600-01-01 to 31-12-2099
Moon1600-01-01 to 31-12-2099 1600-01-01 to 31-12-2099
Sun01-01-01 to 2799-12-31 01-01-01 to 2799-12-31
Earth 01-01-01 to 2799-12-31 01-01-01 to 2799-12-31
Mercury, Venus, Mars,
Jupiter and Saturn
01-01-01 to 2799-12-31