Planetary Aspects and Transits Testimonials

The software was easy to activate. Within minutes you can get started. Peter not only answered every e-mail but also supplied information through links, etc. Service was excellent.
— Karl Chwalczyk, March 14, 2022

I have been using PAT for several months and I find the software particularly useful and easy to use. I'm interested in researching the Saros series regarding eclipses and the past and future impacts they can have. PAT is especially useful in finding the aspects produced by each eclipse. Since eclipses repeat in cycles with minimum variance of the position of the Sun and the Moon, the software allows me to understand very quickly what other planets are having aspects that can influence the energy of the eclipse. This is my main use for the software, but it can be used for many other astrological calculations.
— Ed Petriati, May 12, 2020

This affordable and usable software brings astrology charts to life by visualizing planets in motion in many ways — natal transits, synastry, and with commands to advance or backtrack displays by the day, month or year. If you have had trouble keeping static chart comparisons in mind, especially when working on-screen, this easily customizable stop-motion animation software will make the chart speak, and give you an enhanced feeling for the movements of the solar system. The reports pinpoint the transits exactly, and are easier to use than other transit products, except for the more pricey ones. When Chiron is added to this package, it will be close to perfect!
— Cheryl Corson, April 27, 2017

I'm not an astrologer, and this software help me a lot to find the aspects and track them easily (beautiful graphic viewing). I'm very grateful to the creators of this amazing program.
— Lucia Saputelli, March 14, 2017

This handy program gives a precise overview of world transits, natal aspects for 1st and 2nd birthday, personal transits to 1st and 2nd birthday as well as synastry. The aspects can be displayed in form of table or chart. To fully explore the full potential it is highly recommended to study the online user manual and help file which like the program itself is in English and German language. Highly recommended!
— Wolfram Oehler, February 26, 2016

Have been using PAT for 5 years and found it extremely useful in letting me differentiate the bad and the good days.
— Sandeep Donald Shah, February 13, 2016

This is a marvelous piece of software and I find it very helpful. Thanks again for the great software.
— Ross Hendry, May 27, 2015

This has been for me an incredible software. I have been using it for a couple of years, It has helped me a great deal in stock trading. Keep up the good work, Peter.
— Cliff Mendes, July 17, 2014

This is a wonderful software that provides a wealth of aspect and transit information in a very organized, efficient, and yet simple, way for any astrologer. It could well become an ESSENTIAL tool in your astrological kit! I highly recommend both the PAT software and the support provided, which is among the best I have seen on any website. Thank you for these great products!
— Joan Wood, January 14, 2014

Wieder eines der überaus hilfreichen Programme von Peter Meyer — feine Sache, sehr empfehlenswert!
— R*H*, December 19, 2012

Easy to use and valid results. Highly recommended for astrologers. Well done!
— J. Stieler, September 25, 2012

I really do like the way you do things in PAT. Basically, it does one thing and it does it well. Some other programs, particularly expensive ones, suffer from "creeping elegance", and in the process of trying to please everyone they become difficult to navigate. PAT serves the answers (at least the ones I use) straight up.
— Grand Trines,, July 28, 2012

Great software! Thanks a million for your quick response! Love the program. I use it to help me in my trading. I trade stocks and commodities and it has helped me a lot.
— Cliff Mendes, June 22, 2012

I wish I'd known of your software when I wrote my book 'Understanding The Future' in 2006!
— Lyn Birkbeck,, March 5, 2012

These programs are like opening the unending surprise package....... Amazing!!! Thank you.
— Carole Anderson, May 20, 2011

'Planetary Aspects and Transits' is an inexpensive astrology program that is well designed for those who want to explore what patterns between the planets will form over time.
— Hank Friedman,, March 15, 2011

Excellent and unique program that focuses on transits. This is a very nice add-on to any astrologer's software library.
— Joan Wood, February 9, 2011

'Planetary Aspects and Transits' is a very versatile computer program which does exactly what the name suggests. It very accurately calculates the longitudinal positions of the Sun [and Moon] and (known) planets for any time zone from 1 January 1 CE to 31 December 2799 CE, and presents the results in both tabular and graphical form with a choice of Tropical or Sidereal Zodiacs.

This is not a full astrological program because it will not help you to set up a horoscope which is dependent on latitude as well as longitude. However, having set up a horoscope by other means, the study of planetary aspects and transits appeals to the logical mind as offering the most promising key to its re-interpretation as it unfolds through time. As Robert Hand says: "That transits indicate important trends and issues in your life is one of the few points upon which all astrologers agree."

With the aid of this program and a few mouse clicks, the student can in minutes amass and digest volumes of reliable data that would cost many hours of labour in a comprehensive astrological library.

— Duncan Macdonald, February 5, 2011

I found this program well planned and easy to learn. Liked it well enough to purchase the perpetual license. It is an excellent little program that focuses on particular areas of astrology that interest me.
— Robin Child, January 31, 2011

It's great. It's really accurate software.
— Lazaro Blanco, June 6, 2010

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