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The following message by greybeard was posted to an astrology forum on August 1, 2012:

It seems that in 1929 the disparity between rich and poor had reached an extreme peak. The disparity reached its lowest level during the 50s — the time when I was growing up, "Happy Days", when a guy could make a decent living for his family with his hands — and is now at another exaggerated peak. The top 1% of the population holds roughly 43% of the wealth at present, mirroring the situation of 1929. Because of the similarities in the two periods, I became curious. And then I thought — 1929 was just about 84 years ago, the cycle of Uranus. So I cast a dual wheel for today and for Black Tuesday, 29 October 1929 — the day of the great stock market crash.
We can use this Your Planetary Transits program to get more information about this Uranus return. We do this by setting the 'birthdate' to the date of the great crash, October 29, 1929. We then ask the program to show us the aspects that transiting Uranus makes to the 'natal' Uranus during January 1, 2011, through June 30, 2015. The result is shown below:

If we know how to read transit tables then this tells us that a 10° conjunction began on February 9, 2011, and will last until May 11, 2015. A 5° conjunction began on March 4, 2012 and will last until April 18, 2014. During this latter period there are three exact conjunctions (thus three exact Uranus returns), on June 23 and August 2 in 2012, and on March 27 in 2013.

Note that the middle exact Uranus return is not halfway between the first and the third. We can see why this is so by using the Planetary Aspects and Transits software, from which (after setting the 'world date' to August 2, 2012, requesting the 'personal transit' table, and clicking on the yellow Con 00' element) we obtain the following transit graphic:

This shows that after Uranus turns retrograde in July 2013 it returns toward exact conjunction with the 'natal' Uranus but doesn't quite get there.

The faint gray line is how the transit looks when you use the sidereal zodiac rather than the tropical. In this case (as this program can tell us by changing the zodiac) the exact conjunctions occur on April 16 and October 28 in 2013, and on February 4 in 2014. This is an example of how personal transits are zodiac-dependent.

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