Your Planetary Transits

A Program to Calculate Exact Dates of Personal and World Transits

Download and installation of this software has been temporarily suspended pending revision.

This Windows software calculates the exact dates and times at which transits between two selected planets (including the Sun) begin and end (relative to chosen orb values). Planetary transits are of two kinds: world transits (a.k.a. mundane transits) and personal transits. World transits concern aspects between two planets moving simultaneously, either now or at some given time. Personal transits concern aspects between a planet moving now or at a given time and a planet at a fixed location in one's natal chart. Your Planetary Transits produces transit tables for both kinds of transits. It also allows you to use your preferred zodiac: tropical or sidereal.

The output of this software is a transit table (a new method for displaying planetary transit data), for example:

transit table

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User Manual

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