Personal Transits Between Natal Planets
and Corresponding Transiting Planets
During the Next Fortnight

Your natal planets are the planets at the position in the heavens (more exactly, their position on the geocentric ecliptic or on the heliocentric ecliptic) at the time you were born. Your transiting planets are the planets moving through the heavens (more exactly, traversing the geocentric or heliocentric ecliptic) either now or at some specified time (after your birth).

The natal planets form aspects to one another (conjunction, opposition, square, trine, etc.), as do the transiting planets. Also the transiting planets form aspects to the natal planets. Some astrologers consider that an aspect between a natal planet and the same transiting planet is more significant than an aspect between a natal planet and a transiting planet which is other than the natal planet.

This page accepts your birth date and displays the dates during the next two weeks at which a currently transiting planet forms an aspect to the corresponding natal planet. The tropical zodiac is used, and both geocentric and heliocentric transits are shown. Depending on which kind of transit you hold to be more important (conjunctions are especially important), this provides advance notice to you to look out for possible unusual events coincident with these transits of your natal planets by the moving planets (and perhaps take advantage of them, or follow their lead).

Your time of birth (in contrast to the date) has almost no effect on the times of transits, and your place of birth has no effect at all.

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